What to know about PUAR: Paid Up Additions Rider

The Paid Up Additions Rider provides annuity policyholders with added benefits to ensure they have greater financial security after their death, including increased cash surrender value and additional sums in addition to regular payments. This rider is an excellent way for those looking for strong, long-term wealth strategy options to get the most from their annuities.

Investing in paid-up life insurance has the potential to dramatically increase policy value over time. By leveraging earnings from dividends, small packets of life insurance can expand into larger chunks with added cash values and death benefits that benefit any long term strategy.

Paid-up additions offer the convenience of increasing coverage without a medical underwriting check. This can be incredibly valuable if your health has deteriorated since purchase, as it may otherwise make you ineligible for additional coverage or increase premiums significantly. Paid-up addition insurance works just like any other policy and offers you unique abilities such as surrendering them for their cash value or taking out loans against them – ultimately giving even more financial protection to those who need it most.

With PUAR, policyholders can enjoy a more favorable return on their investments effortlessly – and with no extra fees. This type of annuity also affords greater peace of mind by providing beneficiaries added security in case the holder passes away suddenly; any remaining funds will be paid out immediately to them upon death.

Starting off with PUAR is simple. Reach out to your annuity provider and inquire about the array of options available, as they can vary between providers. Consider how much money you wish to add each year and if this should raise in accordance with inflation or remain static throughout the contract length.

With the Paid Up Additions Rider feature on an annuity, you can increase your returns and safeguard what’s most important to you-your beneficiaries. It pays to take some time researching the various versions available so that you’re equipped with all of the facts needed in order to make a wise decision regarding this investment opportunity. PUAR has tremendous potential for strategically growing ROI–keep it top of mind!