Discover the Wealth Strategy Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy and Learn How To:

  • Create massive passive income to become financially free
  • Get out of the Wall Street casino and take back control of your financial future
  • Protect your money while multiplying it like the top one percent do
  • Transform your mindset to enjoy unlimited freedom
  • Accelerate your wealth journey to a future that is always bigger than your past

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Dave Wolcott is one of the best minds in the alternative investment world and in wealth and investing strategy. I am inspired by his mission to help entrepreneurs protect and multiply their wealth and take back control from WallStreet. Dave’s holistic approach to wealth building along with the strategies and advice shared in this book will help anyone that is willing to look at money and wealth through a new lens and wants to create a life of abundance and freedom.

When we get asked what is the #1 most important thing we have learned across forming over 200 family offices, it is to integrate everything, to make sure your values, your team, parts of your balance sheet, your diet, where you live, and what assets you invest in are all aligned and approached holistically. From $10M to $100M to $1B+ net worth clients, the most effective are the most aligned, integrated, and those who play their own unique game in business and in managing their portfolio. This book is a great guide to those who want to be more effective in designing your game board and the rules you will operate by.

The Holistic Wealth Strategy is a fresh perspective on building personal wealth and financial freedom. Dave’s approach starts with developing your ‘wealth building mindset.’ This is the core to his proven methodology that enables anyone with the right mindset to separate themselves from Wall Street. Dave’s Personal experience and pain of following ‘Tried and True’ traditional stock market investing, which was leaving him financially further behind, pushed him to thoroughly research alternatives. Dave found that his strategy not only worked for him, it works for anyone who wants to get ahead and not follow the pack. Enjoy the book and develop your own wealth-building mindset to create your path to financial success.

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Insights from Holistic Wealth Strategy

You are not alone, I’ve been exactly where you are. Most people have been so busy learning how to make money that they have not had the chance to learn how to grow their wealth. I have been investing in passive income assets, studying wealth creation, and building a Dream Team over the past 20 years that I want to share with you to accelerate your financial future and live life to your potential.

  • An alternative wealth strategy that can achieve financial freedom in a fraction of the time that traditional financial planners prescribe
  • Diversification through passive income streams outside of your current job
  • Investing in tangible assets with predictable income and low risk 

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Author & CEO of Pantheon Investments

Dave Wolcott started his career serving the country as a Captain in the Marine Corps. In 2000 he and his wife won the baby lottery by having triplets which inspired him to challenge the traditional financial planning advice of Wall Street. He then started an obsessive journey to understand how the top one percent were building their wealth. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Dave spent the next 20 years building several businesses, investing in alternative assets, and creating The Pantheon Holistic Wealth Strategy: the playbook to becoming ultra-wealthy and having not only freedom of money, but freedom of purpose, time, and relationship.

Today, Dave is the Founder and CEO of Pantheon Investments and is more passionate than ever about helping entrepreneurs build wealth by passively investing in superior real estate and alternative assets that provide predictable cash flow, tax efficiency, and upside potential as a reliable alternative to the volatility of the stock market. Dave is the author of “The Holistic Wealth Strategy”, A Framework for Building Real Wealth and Living an Extraordinary Life, and is also the host of the toprated “Wealth Strategy Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy” podcast.