The World’s First Mastermind

The Pantheon Mastermind is integral to the Pantheon experience – join our exclusive community of millionaires and invaluable network of like-minded entrepreneurs and accredited investors, and 10X your wealth or receive a 100% money-back guarantee.

The mastermind group presents a platform for connecting with, learning and sharing wealth building insights and strategies from the ultra-rich and top 1%, creating an elite, collaborative environment that amplifies members’ wealth and enriches personal and professional growth. The Pantheon Mastermind fosters relationships and partnerships that have the potential to be utterly transformational in members’ wealth building journeys and their life. 

Members of the Pantheon Mastermind not only gain access to each other, but also get exclusive access to our team of top-tier experts and curated network of elite wealth advisors, CPAs and lawyers, so they can build their dream team of wealth building professionals to accelerate their path to legacy wealth and unlimited time freedom.

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  • Tired of gambling your future on the stock market and want to build massive passive income?
  • Investing in syndications and alternatives but don’t have a comprehensive strategy to maximize results and manage the downside
  • Fear making a mistake that could result in a 10%+ portfolio loss
  • Need to solve challenging problems like having a liquidity event, tax mitigation or asset repositioning
  • Need a team of superior advisors to support your journey


  • Leverage the Holistic Wealth Strategy to create a systematic and comprehensive wealth strategy to protect and multiply your wealth
  • Get access to proprietary dashboards and calculators to measure and monitor your progress
  • Solve your most challenging financial problems 
  • Collaborate with other accredited investors in our genius network
  • Learn from our top shelf faculty of alternative advisors on key topics: Taxes, Asset Protection, Infinite Banking, Private Equity, Mindset 


  • 10X your wealth and realize unlimited freedom
  • Build a wealth team to reach your goals
  • Transform your mindset to enjoy unlimited freedom of money, time, purpose, & relationships
  • Increase Your Financial, Health, Mindset & Relationship IQ
  • Build a Wealth Infrastructure To Guide Your Journey
  • Build a Scalable Portfolio That Weathers Any Economic Environment