• Individuals & Families who want to reduce their risk with life insurance death benefits, asset protection, tax mitigation, liquidity and legacy planning
  • Individuals & Families who want to create a guaranteed tax free income stream for retirement
  • Business owners looking for liquidity to protect their downside and invest in their growth
  • Investors who want to amplify their returns and create velocity in their portfolio


The Infinite Banking concept refers to a process by which an individual becomes his or her own banker by utilizing a whole life insurance policy. The infinite banking concept was created by Nelson Nash and is the financial strategy used by the wealthiest families, companies and the political elite to protect and grow their wealth.


  • Grow your money by a guaranteed annual rate of return.
  • Provide capital preservation without risk of principle, which means you won’t lose your money if the markets crash again.
  • Allows you to take out loans against your Cash Flow Bank balance for any purpose you want, yet requires no application or approval process to take out a loan. You simply fill out a form requesting the amount you desire.
  • Protects you against creditors (in most cases), so you’ll never have to worry about losing this money due to a lawsuit or bankruptcy.
  • Unlike 401(k)s or IRAs, there’s no arbitrary government regulation limiting the amount you can put into it.
  • Allows easy access to your money within a few days.
  • Provides you access to your money in the event of a disability.
  • Gives you a steady, tax-preferred income stream when you decide to retire (we can show you the numbers on how you could set it up so it pays you $30K per month for the rest of your life starting at age 60).
  • Earns interest on your entire “bank balance,” even when you have a loan out against it.


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