Recession Resistant Investing in Self Storage

investing in self storage

Scott Meyers and his affiliated companies focus on the acquisition, development, and syndication of self-storage facilities nationwide.  He currently owns and operates over 2,400,000 square feet and over 14,000 units nationwide.

His education organization, SelfStorageInvesting.com, provides courses, tools, live events, and mentoring to help others launch their own self-storage business. His various companies fund and build 4 – 6 houses each year in Mexico by taking his family, staff, and clients on an all-expense paid short-term mission trip.

Scott understands the importance of a balanced life and has successfully leveraged his knowledge in real estate to achieve time freedom while building wealth. He is an expert at outlining strategic visions that create multiple pathways for financial independence – allowing him to enjoy both professional success and quality family time.

Scott reveals how investing in self-storage can be a sustainable, profitable venture even amidst today’s tumultuous economic climate. He delves into the operational aspects of this investment and provides insight into gaining an edge over competitors.

In this episode, Scott dives deep into an exciting realm of innovative business models. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge!

In This Episode

  1. How it all started for Scott.
  2. A walkthrough of Scott’s foundation and mission field.
  3. Scott’s vision and wealth strategy.
  4. Specifics on Self Storage and how it’s a sustainable investment.
  5. Scott’s experience on elevating your wealth trajectory.

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