Key Real Estate Investing Considerations For 2023

real estate investing

With us today is Mike Zlotnik. Mike is known in real estate circles as “Big Mike” due to his stature, but more importantly, he is known for his personal integrity and for having a keen understanding of the financial aspects of successful real estate investing.

Mike has a depth of expert knowledge in the Pandemic created investment opportunities in real estate; what’s “hot” and what’s “cold” and where things are trending now.

Mike knows that the future can be unpredictable, so he recommends taking extra precautions. He isn’t just looking at potential gains – Mike is proactively stress testing his investments to make sure they’ll stand strong even in a recession! It goes to show you how being prepared makes all the difference when it comes down to investing.

Mike is a firm believer that real estate investments are far more reliable than the ebbs and flows of equity markets. He prefers to put his money into private properties, where he can be sure of a steady return.

This episode has Mike Zlotnik spilling the beans on how to make real estate investing a financial success – don’t miss out!

In This Episode

  1. Mike’s background, journey and story.
  2. The most important thing investors should be thinking about in 2023.
  3. What real estate options do you have with these rates?
  4. The future of real estate and where it’s heading.  Mike’s piece of advice to accelerate his wealth trajectory.

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