Your Money Walks Where Wealth Is Trending

A few months ago, the IRS released updated data on household income migration across the United States. Essentially the IRS tracks where people move and how their adjusted gross income (AGI) impacts the new state they call home. This information can be quite insightful, especially for those who closely monitor population and job growth in various regions of the country.

What we’ve seen over the past year is that there has been a significant amount of population and job growth in the Southeast region. This is likely due to a number of factors, including the relatively low cost of living and attractive climate. But whatever the reasons may be, it’s clear that the Southeast is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live and work.

The data from the IRS is a valuable tool for understanding population trends and predicting economic growth in different regions of the country. We want to see how many people are moving into the region, where they’re coming from, and what impact their AGI has on the local economy. This information will help us to make better informed decisions about our own investments in the region.

Take a look at the map of the U.S., with all its blue and yellow states – you’ll notice something interesting about how money flows in or out from these various locales! It’s called Playfair visualization (a term coined by artist Micky Meditation), which displays economic activity across America as colorful energies dance across your screen; think of it like watching bacteria grow…

The data shows that people are moving to certain regions in the U.S., and it’s not just for one or two reasons! There is a wealth of different motivations behind this trend, including lower taxes (or no state income tax), new job opportunities with friendlier business codes- all these factors make living there more lucrative than staying at home where you’re subject to higher rates instead; better weather year round which means less time spent heating/cooling homes during work hours, plus affordability on everything – all factors which make The South East USA an attractive investment destination!

We are investing in states that have a high potential for economic growth and stability.Our company’s investment strategy puts us at a distinct advantage because it focuses on target criteria such as these that make an investment recession resistant, non-correlated to the stock market, and provide potential for lucrative upside.

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