Where’s the Best Place to Invest $100k in Today’s Economic Climate?

best place to invest $100k

We had the distinct pleasure of having Hunter Thompson join us on this week’s show.

Hunter is a full-time real estate investor, and founder of Asym Capital. Since founding Asym, Hunter has helped more than 400 retail investors acquire over $150,000,000 of mobile home parks, self-storage, retail, office, ATM machines, and cryptocurrency assets.

Hunter talks about how his investment thesis was formed in 2008 and his last straw moment that shifted his thinking from paper assets to real assets.  We discuss living a life of abundance and the multi-dimensional nature of real assets.

Hunter also shares his personal success story and  how commercial real estate has exceeded other asset classes. He also goes into detail on what it takes for you to take back control of your own personal economy so that you can live with growth, abundance & inspiration!

Hunter’s eyes light up when he talks about the vision and purpose of his life that eventually led him towards starting an enterprise which teaches other entrepreneurs how they can achieve their goals and successfully raise capital!

In This Episode

  1. Hunter’s journey and how real estate started for him
  2. What’s the motive behind Hunter’s asset portfolio
  3. What does asymmetric risk mean in the world of investing
  4. The state of the current economy
  5. Hunter’s piece of advice on how to accelerate your wealth strategy

Another amazing episode for you to add to your library and take control of your personal economy!

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