The Untold Secrets of True Entrepreneurship & How to Build Your Next Empire

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Logan Freeman is co-Founder and Principal of FTW Investments and serves as the Chief Development Officer. Logan has facilitated over $150M in real estate transactions.

Mr. Freeman is an advocate for affordable housing and works closely with many organizations in helping to end homelessness in Kansas City. Understanding how to “do well by doing good” is Logan’s motto and has made it his “why” for doing business.

Logan’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring one! He demonstrates the true spirit of entrepreneurship that has been driven through hard work and self-education. He shares his outstanding transformation and how he overcame the challenging conventional mindset that led him to new opportunities.

He has a unique understanding of the needs and wants of sophisticated investors enabling him to effectively support individuals and organizations along their investment journey. He covers the many details of the current market and what assets he focuses on.

Logan’s story will guide you on your journey towards success as it has done for him – just listen closely because he shares some valuable insights about reaching higher levels in business or investing with confidence that only someone who has been there can truly understand.

In This Episode

  1. Where it all began for Logan and how he got into real estate.
  2. Logan’s amazing transformation and mindset.
  3. Personal wealth strategy that Logan believes in.
  4. What is new in the market, what assets the FTW focuses on and what is the buy back.
  5. Mr. Freeman’s way of accelerating your wealth trajectory.

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