Multifamily Real Estate Beats the Stock Market (now, more than ever)

In a particularly volatile market, a national election, and in the midst of a growing pandemic, the stock market has taken some very recent and significant hits.For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, the Federal Reserve took an emergency rate cut, a 50-basis point adjustment. However, this rate adjustment didn’t do much in the way of easing investors’ worries, and as a result, numbers plummeted.

Yet another important reminder that the stock market isn’t a stable source of financial growth.

Conventional financial wealth management dictates that you should stay tied to this ebb and flow, at the expense of you and your family’s future.

And now, apparently, health: last week, a panicked Rick Santelli went on CNBC to suggest that if everyone just became sick with coronavirus, those that died would pass away quickly, making investors less certain and stabilizing the market (yikes).

Transitioning to multifamily real estate investments will shift your financial future away from the unpredictable, chaotic nature of the stock market.

Affordability is now the norm rather than otherwise in rental properties, and the future is looking brighter for those opportunities. Millennials and growing up Gen Z-ers are renting and will stay renting for the foreseeable future.

Manufactured home parks are another great option: an unseen, undersaturated market that often gets swept under the rug.

Not luxurious, but lucrative: as seniors are moving into MHPs over more expensive senior living facilities, rent rates are less unstable and more predictable. MHPs are often described as “recession-proof,” as out of all real estate classes, the MHP sector has been the only sector to not see a year-over-year decline in 20 years.

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