Why Demands For Energy Are Only Increasing

energy demands

RJ Burr, is a third generation producer of American oil. Born into the industry, Mr. Burr was at his first location before he could walk and has been fascinated by the production of oil his entire life. Within 3 months of graduating high school, RJ funded his first partnership and never looked back.

RJ is the Sr. VP Corporate Operations at Panex. With a main focus on the Gulf Coast, Mr. Burr’s companies have raised and deployed over $300 million in upstream development and have partnered with some of the largest oil and gas companies, namely Shell, BP, and Marathon, to develop several million barrels in reserves.

In this episode, RJ Burr shares how oil is a necessary component of our society and must be preserved for future generations. He also covers how drilling programs provide significant tax benefits while providing access to key raw materials, making them an attractive investment opportunity!

Oil is an integral part of our society and will be for the foreseeable future. “When you restrict a country’s energy, you restrict their growth” RJ shares, emphasizing the importance of oil & gas production and the benefits of investing in a drilling program.

Don’t miss out on this great episode with RJ Burr to discover more about the current situation on oil and gas and its fundamentals.

In This Episode

  1. How it all started for RJ Burr.
  2. The history of the oil and gas industry and where it is today.
  3. How RJ articulates the current supply and demand imbalancement.
  4. Where does RJ foresee oil and gas prices heading?
  5. Single biggest recommendation to get into the oil and gas industry.

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