The Ultimate Wealth Multiplier For Ultra-High Networth Individuals

Steven founded Catalyst Advisory to take the experience he gained by working in a family office advisory firm and apply the best practices learned there to other families under an independent umbrella.  Catalyst works with the best insurance professionals, wealth management firms, and trusted advisors to solve problems for their clients.

After spending the first decade of his career working with community and regional banks, helping them navigate statement compliance and distribution, and transitioning them to digital platforms, Steven followed his passion to help families and companies thrive by becoming an expert in all areas of life insurance and advanced planning.

In this episode, Steven shares the importance of being open-minded when it comes to financial advice and inviting different perspectives into your life – this way you can learn from their experiences while still maintaining control of your own journey.

Steven explains the advantages of premium finance life insurance, a revolutionary way to save on costs while still benefiting from financial security. He dives into its fundamentals and potential rewards – making it an attractive option for those wanting reliable coverage without breaking the bank!

Get ready to learn the secrets of creating a secure future with this episode! Hear Steven’s cutting-edge advice on how to use life insurance as an effective tool for building financial independence. Don’t miss out on his invaluable insights – tune in now!

In This Episode

  1. Steven’s background and what drove him to this destination.
  2. Top mistakes entrepreneurs are making.
  3. Steven’s life insurance techniques and the benefits.
  4. The process of setting up a life insurance policy.
  5. Steven’s ultimate piece of advice to protect your wealth.

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