The Revolutionary Way: Infinite Banking

The banking industry is one of the oldest and most trusted institutions in society, with roots going back centuries. Banks were originally created to store money and provide an earning rate of return for their clients, but it quickly became more than that with lenders being able to offer loans at higher interest rates-which is what makes them so powerful.

Infinite banking or cash flow banking is an innovative solution that allows business owners the ability to establish their own private banking system as part of their overall wealth strategy in their personal economy. This can be used for both personal and professional uses.

At it’s core, the infinite banking strategy is a way to grow your wealth more efficiently than by using third-party lenders. This premise has been formulated by Nelson Nash, an author and life insurance agent for 35 years who developed the idea while working with clients chronicle their entire financial history on one sheet of paper in order to see where they could optimize resources over time – which led him towards creating this method that allows you to use some cash value from any existing policy as collateral so long as it isn’t fully paid up yet.

Limited credit options can make it difficult for growth oriented business owners to receive financing. Infinite banking is a solution that can not only protect the downside but also provide liquidity for upside growth and investment in addition to adding velocity and tax efficiency to your wealth strategy.   This gives entrepreneurs valuable time by not having their progress slowed down by traditional banks and gives them more time to focus on running the business.

Unfortunately, permanent whole life insurance is one of the most misunderstood and controversial financial products available. Typically when people hear ‘life insurance’, they immediately think about just purchasing term insurance to provide death benefits to an heir – but what many don’t realize is that with a whole life policy one can own rather than rent their policy which provides additional benefits such as liquidity & tax savings.  And these advantages really help businesses with their budgeting struggles too because it means less money spent on unnecessary costs during hard economic times.
Infinite Banking is an exciting new way to take control of exponentially increasing your wealth strategy. By banking with Pantheon Investments, you can create a reserves fund, an opportunity fund, a tax free income stream for retirement, death benefits, asset protection, avoid probate and taxes when transferring wealth to heirs, and even amplify real estate returns.  If you would like to learn more about how Infinite Banking can potentially help you please contact: [email protected].