How to Offset Your W2 Income to Zero with Oil & Gas

offset W2 income

Pete Snell is a disciple of Jesus. Husband. Father. Growth Fixer. Mountain Bike Crash Magnet! In collaboration with King’s CEO Jay Young, Peter focuses on prioritizing the lens of the partner and scaling the business. Peter’s role centers on the disciplines of Partner Relations, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales.

He founded and led a company through 2.3X average annual growth for 3 consecutive years, served as Co-creator and Lead Fundraiser of the Robert W. Campbell Award. Personally closed $339M new business revenue in a 5-year span, led 2 different sales teams to above-annual-quota performance.

Pete takes us through the ins-and outs of investing in a King’s fund that specializes in Oil & Gas funds – that provide depreciation against active (W2) income, monthly passive income, and significant upside potential.

Investing in oil and gas is a smart move for savvy investors. With the ever-increasing global demand, this is a huge opportunity to be on the right side of capitalizing on energy production and will create multiples on your money at exit and also produce strong passive income. What’s even better? Pete and Dave review the complete business model and assess risks so you can invest in this unique opportunity alongside Pantheon & King Oil.

You won’t want to miss this episode! Pete uncovers the lucrative upside investing in Oil and Gas as well as the most significant risks. The information in this episode is sure to help you navigate through all the aspects of a successful investment in this space.

In This Episode

  1. How Pete got into the space of investing
  2. How to offset your active (W2) by investing in oil and gas
  3. The ideal O&G business model with tax efficiency, passive income, & lucrative upside
  4. The biggest risks to this asset class
  5. Pete’s perspective on personal development & the King Oil values

If you are interested in investing in this opportunity and are an accredited investor please be sure you have signed up to our investor club at: https://pantheoninvest.com/investor-signup/  to receive all the details.

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