Mitigate Investment Risk by Understanding the Key Components to Successful Underwriting

successful underwriting to mitigate investment risk

From the hospitality industry to alternative investments, Rob Overstreet shares his story of jumping into the world of multi-family properties!

In this episode, Rob shares the key components of underwriting. He explains how this process is not just about knowing what type or model you want – it’s also crucial that you take your time and explore all options before determining your investment.

Wealth is never an accident. It’s always the result of careful planning, consistent hard work and good decisions that are geared towards your future goals! Rob speaks of the three key points during underwriting: rent growth, cap rate, and making sure you have well-capitalized real estate deals in place for stability.

With a philosophy on wealth strategy like Rob’s, you’ll be sure to accelerate your progress in investing and life! Listen now and increase your financial IQ on how due diligence on underwriting can mitigate your risk.

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