How Infinite Banking Can Exponentially Multiply Your Wealth

infinite banking

Today we are joined by MC Laubscher as we delve into another wealth strategy secret of the ultra-wealthy, the Infinite Banking concept.  This strategy is extremely powerful and can become a cornerstone to your wealth strategy.

Join us as MC shares his personal investing strategy of how investors and business owners can create, recover, warehouse and multiply cash flow through advanced strategies including infinite banking.

“What’s not working in America today is typical financial planning advice, 401k’s and other qualified plans” says MC.

MC further points out that Infinite Banking is a comprehensive approach that has a multiplier effect in:

  • Gaining back control of your financial future
  • Creating a tax free income stream for retirement
  • Creating a liquidity vehicle that can be accessed for virtually anything
  • Amplifying your real estate investment returns
  • Providing asset protection for your family
  • Avoiding taxes & probate when transferring your wealth to your heirs

If you are interested in learning more about how this Infinite Banking Strategy can be incorporated into your wealth strategy please visit: www.pantheoninvest.com/banking

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