How to Build a Fortress Around Your Wealth

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Kevin L. Day is one of the leading estate planning and international asset protection planning attorneys in the United States. He was a university academic administrator for eight years, a law professor at the doctorate level and a law school Dean of Students, before going into private practice.

Mr. Day is very active in both business and community affairs. He was a member of San Diego’s International Affairs Board and has served as a delegate on many economic and trade missions.

Kevin’s words are known to inspire and motivate audiences, with his expertise in asset protection he shares the ever-changing world of finance, he dives deep into asset planning for entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

He takes you through the different types of strategic trusts and their advantages. He explains the different trusts that you can use as an investor to protect your assets and how these trusts have the bulletproof result you would want to have.

Kevin’s interview is one to keep in your books. He has great intuition for your wealth protection!

In This Episode

  1. Kevin’s background and how he got to where he is today.
  2. The proactive way of looking at asset protection.
  3. What is the roadmap to asset level protection?
  4. How do you architect the right asset wealth strategy?
  5. Domestic Trust Vs. Offshore Trust.
  6. How does Kevin accelerate his own wealth and the counsel he has for you!

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