How An Abundance Mindset Leads to an Epic Life

abundance mindset

Justin Breen is Founder/CEO of the global PR firm BrEpic and exclusive connectivity platform BrEpic Network. The purpose of his life is to be a connecting superhero for every visionary, abundance, investment-mindset entrepreneur who shares their stories with the world.

Justin Breen is an active member of Strategic Coach 10x and Abundance 360 Summit. Dr. Peter Diamandis wrote the foreword for Justin’s latest book, Epic Life, which made the Wall Street Journal/USA Today Bestseller Lists.

In this episode, Justin Breen uncovers the art of unlocking your potential by focusing on what you do best. He explains how developing a mindset centered around “endless abundance” can help tap into hidden power and ultimately boost success.

Despite hardships, those with the greatest challenges often possess remarkable strength and resilience. It’s not always about having financial resources; true wealth lies in our perception of ourselves – achieving success both internally and externally. According to Justin, one’s biggest investments should take place within their own home: nurturing relationships with family members is key!

Want to broaden your perspective? Then tune in to Justin’s episode – he imparts thought-provoking wisdom that will challenge and stimulate the mind. This is one podcast you won’t want to miss!

In This Episode

  1. Justin’s background and his father’s influence.
  2. How has Unique Ability changed Justin’s life.
  3. Justin’s abundance mindset and how it affects his lifestyle.
  4. Justin’s biggest goal for 2023.

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