How to Create Confidence and Inspire Others to Find Happiness and Love Within Themselves

create confidence and inspire others

Erik Cabral left corporate America after 20+ years. He jumped head first into real estate investing in order to achieve financial freedom. Educating himself, building networks, and analyzing hundreds of deals he purchased his first multi-family building in less than one year.

He’s a partner in the Renault Winery & Resort, which is the 2nd oldest winery in the US, offers private capital to his network of investors for various projects and looks for opportunities to expand and grow his network. Erik shares how it all started and his experience in branding, and marketing strategies as well as helping others leverage the power within the podcasting platform.

As a family man, Erik has been able to see the importance of creating an environment where he can thrive. Due to his strong work ethic and focus on boundaries he was able to gain clarity and maximize productivity.

Erik stresses the importance of focus in order to achieve goals towards successful entrepreneurship while he prioritizes his family and supports their values!

Listen to this amazing episode for some great advice and motivation!

In This Episode

  1. How it all started for Erik Cabral.
  2. What is Erik’s personal wealth strategy?
  3. Erik’s personal vision statement.
  4. Erik’s personal boundaries and structure.
  5. Mr. Cabral’s advice for you to accelerate your wealth!

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