How to Create a Vision and Yield Exponential Outcomes In Multifamily Investing

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In 2012, Reed Goossens quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investing firm, RSN Property Group. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the U.S.

He has now achieved financial freedom and taken control of his life. Reed is also the host of the successful podcast, Investing in the U.S., wherein he invites other distinguished real estate investors and entrepreneurs to speak with him about their success and help guide other investors who want to successfully invest in the U.S.

He shares his story about how he went from working for other companies to leveraging opportunities that led him to passive investing. He describes his journey saying “it’s okay if you take small steps as long as you’re moving forward The entrepreneur shares his insights on the state of entrepreneurship and how he’s expanding nationally. He also talks about what markets are important for him, as well as some strategies that have helped him sustain it.  You’ll learn more from this session than you could imagine – listen closely because there are tons of take aways!

In This Episode

  1. Reed’s background, family & moving to the States.
  2. His vision and what drove him to multifamily.
  3. Where is RSN today?
  4. The current market and the strategies to remain an active investor.
  5. One practice that yielded the biggest results for Reed.

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