Uncover The Hidden Strategies of Billionaires and Family Offices

billionaire and family office

Richard C. Wilson is a third-generation Eagle Scout, loves investing in fun adventures and health, and is a husband, and father of 3 living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Richard owns Billionaires.com where he is interviewing 100 billionaires, and he is the CEO & Founder of the Family Office Club, with 4,000 registered ultra-wealthy families and 15 live events a year.

His short-term rental property fund – InvestorResidences.com has equity in 83 properties, and his division focused on investing in profitable medical practices Medical Clinic Capital (MCC) has equity in 23 practices with $45M a year in revenue. Richard has helped create and formalize well over 200 family offices for ultra-wealthy families, including billionaires and a shark from Shark Tank.

Richard believes that life is about building wealth, but not just financial gains: strong values benefit our families and businesses. Through his guidance, clients find balance in their lives – something he himself strives for daily as part of a commitment to health regardless of net worth. In this way, true “wealth” encompasses much more than money alone.

Richard uncovers the true potential of family office clubs, revealing advantages for members in terms of community building, familial bonds and overall health. The ultra wealthy gather together to collaborate on success-oriented initiatives – an effective strategy that can dramatically increase the chances of achieving their goals.

Take the next step in your journey to financial success and learn more about family offices! Investing in yourself is always a smart move – discover how you could get involved with this unique opportunity.

In This Episode

  1. Richard’s background and how he got into Family Office space.
  2. Richard’s value system and elevated moral code.
  3. What is a family office, who is it for and what is the value of it?
  4. 3 Top attributes of the Ultra High Net Worth.
  5. Richard’s singular piece of advice on how to escalate your wealth.

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