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Peter has been with MPI Family Office since its inception. He is a 2nd Generation member of the MPI Family Office and is a Principal Member as well as the Head of Real Estate. His day-to-day focus involves Underwriting and Vetting of investment opportunities.

Before Peter joined MPI full time, he was the Senior Analyst for MACC Venture Partners, a privately held real estate investment firm, where he identified, researched, and underwrote multifamily assets. He helped lead $100m+ in multifamily acquisitions and raised $20m+ in equity in less than 2 years.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Peter’s aspirations transitioned from pursuing a surgical career to working in his family office with a real estate focus. By delving into unpaid internships, he sought valuable knowledge and honed in on his unique ability that included his underwriting prowess, shaping his future trajectory in the industry.

Peter shares the fascinating evolution of his MPI family offices and the unique wealth strategy perspective he’s developed. He delves into the specific opportunities and filters he navigates in today’s market, and crucial processes that his company employs.

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In This Episode

  1. How it all started for Peter, and what switched his career vision.
  2. History of MPI Family Office and how it’s evolved.
  3. Wealth Strategy Perspective MPI follows.
  4. Opportunities Peter sees for this year and what he is avoiding.
  5. Peter’s advice on accelerating your wealth journey.

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