The Top 3 Syndication Due Diligence Items as an LP Investor

syndication due diligence

Byron Elliott is a Founding Partner of 3 Pillars Law and the Chief Vision Officer of REI Keyholder Limited. He is an experienced attorney and business owner who has supported real estate syndicators through acquisition, due diligence, closing, entity formation and private equity offerings.

As Chief Vision Officer of REI Keyholder, he provides direction on the investment strategy for the organization, delineates roles and responsibilities of team members, creates strategic partnerships, and interacts with public officials.

The idea of syndication has been a hot topic in real estate for years. But what does it really mean? Byron dives deep into this subject and gives his insights on how syndication works!

He explains how an investor must raise money for bigger projects if they want more exposure on the investment side of things – which will allow them to get involved early enough before prices go up even higher!

Byron stresses the importance of really understanding how taxes work and being mindful about all of your capital sources.

With tons of great questions, we wrapped our show with Byron! We’re glad to have had him on the podcast as he provided us with in-depth information about real estate syndication strategies!

In This Episode

  1. Details of syndication and its strategies.
  2. Key points of due diligence as an LP investor.
  3. Byron’s personal wealth strategy and the lessons learned.
  4. Mr. Elliot’s piece of advice on how to accelerate your wealth.

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