The Simple Fundamentals to Accelerate Your Investments

fundamentals to accelerate investments

Through his vision and leadership, Ellis Hammond has led Symphony Capital Group to a milestone of more than eighty-seven million dollars in real estate investments.

Ellis is also the founder behind Kingdom REI – a coaching community for faith driven investors that helps them multiply their portfolios with joint ventures or collaborations through mentorship programs on how they can do it all themselves without any financial help from others!

With a plethora of different opportunities available to you, the real question is not about which one will give your money more security; “real estate was not the game but it was the starting point”, shares Ellis, describing how the biggest wealth is having options and the ability to choose far beyond capital.

In This Episode

  1. Ellis’ background and how he was inspired from a faith calling to investing
  2. How the industry has changed and how to stay in the real estate game
  3. What is the biggest wealth strategy for Ellis
  4. What are the fundamentals of wealth management and Ellis’ steps to multiply capital

Join Ellis in this episode and learn about the fundamentals of wealth creation in four simple steps that will help you stream your income and multiply your capital. Don’t miss out on his thoughts about what’s to come for investors and how to thrive in the current market!

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