The Impact of Due Diligence In Passive Investing

passive investing

Jeremy Roll has forged an incredible career path since 2002. After leaving the corporate world in 2007, he dedicated himself full-time to passive cash flow investments and successfully built up a portfolio worth over $1 Billion with more than 60 opportunities across real estate and business assets.

As Founder & President of Roll Investment Group, Jeremy helms a group of 1,500+ investors aiming for profitable returns through managed investment solutions. He is also co-Founder of FIBI – For Investors By Investors: A non-profit organization launched in 2007 which seeks to bring education and networking together within California’s largest public real estate investor meetings without any sales pitches being made.

Faced with a dwindling stock market return, Jeremy decided to take his investing strategy in a new direction – passive investing. With this approach he sought out the best way to build cash flow and has been successfully putting money into these types of investments since 2002. This long-time investor’s penchant for passivity shows how far you can come from taking an alternate route!

Jeremy shares how he is a savvy investor who takes great care when choosing which projects to invest in. He only considers conservative projections and strives for investments that over deliver on their promised results. A rigorous background check of member entities ensures Jeremy is investing wisely, taking into account the experience needed to be successful in any sector he chooses.

With such attention paid even before investing, it’s no surprise that Jeremy stays firmly on track with his goals. Listen more and take notes of this informative episode with Jeremy!

In This Episode

  1. Jeremy’s background and journey that led him to this space.
  2. What drove Jeremy to passive income theory?
  3. Top 5 Ingredients Jeremy looks at before investing.
  4. The current market and Jeremy’s input.
  5. What is Jeremy’s profile now and where he’s headed.

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