Strategies of the Elite: Financial Playbook for Executives and Business Owners

financial playbook

Today we had the privilege of sitting down with Frank B. Hanna, Jr., ChFC®, Private Wealth Advisor, who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Frank is a leading specialist in Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Wealth Management, catering to a select group of individuals, executives, and privately held business owners.

With over 15 years of experience in the restaurant/hospitality industry, operating family-owned establishments in Fenwick Island, Delaware, Ocean City, and Salisbury, Maryland, he transitioned into the financial world in 2007. Launching a financial consulting firm within his family business, Frank began providing invaluable guidance in real estate development, tax management, and private investment.

In today’s episode, Dave and Frank delved into crucial topics, including the importance of having a succession plan in place. Frank shared his current market perspective, providing insights on real estate, and discussed key aspects of tax planning and considerations.

What sets Frank apart is his ability to draw on his entrepreneurial background. Having successfully run his own companies, he applies his business acumen and the lessons learned to address the challenges and concerns his clients face. This unique perspective distinguishes him from other financial advisors. The conversation was not only informative but also offered practical advice that our listeners can apply to their own financial strategies.

In This Episode

  1. Frank’s unique perspective, derived from over 15 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry and successfully running his own businesses

  2. Key aspects of tax planning, providing practical considerations and strategies for optimizing tax management in financial planning.

  3. The importance of having a succession plan in place for individuals, executives, and privately held business owners

  4. His current market perspective, his insights and analysis to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape

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