Strategic Investing through Macro Economic Alternatives

macro economic alternatives

Ben Fraser is responsible for capital markets at Aspen Funds, a macro-driven alternative investment firm, having raised $100MM+ from investors over the past several years.

Ben has experience as a commercial banker and underwriter, as well as working in boutique asset management. Ben is a contributor on the Forbes Finance Council. He is also a co-host of the Invest Like a Billionaire™ podcast.

Ben reveals the many benefits of investing in alternative assets, and how it can help you build your wealth through tax efficiency and predictable cash flow! He doesn’t only uncover the principles of investing, he also shares the massive benefits of different asset classes and their opportunities the ultra wealthy have been implementing for decades.

Opportunities like investing in oil and gas support another macro trend, with the lack of supply paired with long term global demand and the lack of infrastructure to meet the demand.  Mr. Fraser shares some insights on the benefits of investing in this asset class and further shares his perspective on the current inflationary climate.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about macro economic trends and alternative assets with Ben, don’t miss out on this fueled episode!

In This Episode

  1. Ben’s background and journey to how it all started.
  2. Ben’s principles of investment.
  3. Oil & Gas trends and what you need to know to invest.
  4. Insights on the current inflation environment.
  5. Fraser’s piece of advice to accelerate your wealth.

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