The Red Letter Day: Going From Financial Planner to Alternative Asset Guru

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Jeff Huston is a business leader who understands the world of growing and protecting wealth. As a visionary, Jeff developed 3D Money with the investor in mind, drawing from his vast experience in the financial world.

For 30 years, Jeff has owned and developed businesses, from insurance and financial services to raising money for REIT investments to leasing companies and note offerings.

Jeff’s story is one of passion, drive and innovation. He began his career in the insurance industry before moving on to financial services where he raised money for REIT investments among other things over 30 years ago – but it wasn’t until 2002 that this day turned into something red-letter!

That year introduced him not only to alternative investments but also an entire new world with all its opportunities at every turn imaginable. Jeff uncovers how financial success started for him by being aware of the micro-economic terms around him.

This is one of the most informative episodes we have ever had! Jeff provides tons of information about investing strategically in alternative assets, along with a process that will help you get started today!

In This Episode

  1. Jeff’s red letter day and how he transitioned from traditional financial planning to alternatives.
  2. How alternative investments bypass wall street.
  3. The awareness of micro-economic terms.
  4. Jeff’s personal wealth strategy & portfolio allocations.
  5. Jeff’s philosophy on leveraging whole life: infinite banking.
  6. Jeff’s wealth strategy sentiment

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