Protecting Your Wealth With Gold

wealth with gold

Stephen is the CEO of GoldCore, one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the market today that has turned over $1 billion in transactions and manages $300 million in assets for their clients.  After Stephen received his degree at Portobello Business College in Dublin, Ireland, he held financial and trading positions in New York City, before joining Goldman Sachs as a Sales Trader in Equity Derivatives.

When he returned to Ireland to put his experience in trading, risk, and financial markets at Goldman to good use, his entrepreneurial drive led him to establish his own financial services firm at GoldCore where they advise clients on gold, silver purchasing and storage.

Stephen bravely traveled to Wall Street in the 90s and stood out as a financial disruptor at the technology department. Stephen drew upon his mother’s impressive entrepreneurial spirit, which enabled him to powerfully protect their capital while learning invaluable skills along the way.

Stephen advocates for gold and silver investing as the key to protecting wealth. He explains that while often overlooked, gold has immense value – it’s more than just a commodity; it is money! Understanding its current market perspective today can be an advantageous strategy in increasing one’s finances.

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In This Episode

  1. Getting to know Stephen and how his journey started.
  2. Stephen’s perspective on gold and where we are heading today.
  3. Understanding the process to buying gold
  4. Security Protocols for the vaults
  5. What’s the process to invest in GoldCore

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