Navigating An Economy of Uncertainty

economy of uncertainty

Eric Rice is the Chief Growth Officer of King Operating Corporation. He started his business career in Chicago in wealth management for high-net-worth clients before spending almost 2 decades building his own businesses.

Along the way, he worked with founders across multiple sectors to create profitable, enduring enterprises, demonstrating a keen eye for the nuances of markets and corresponding growth opportunities. His real-world market experience has made him a sought-after partner for entrepreneurs and investors around the globe.

In this episode, Eric is loaded with information about the current climate and what our nation is going through. The Fed is raising rates during a recession, which we are currently in. This has never happened before and it is uncommon. Eric educates by sharing top key points of handling the current crisis, and guides on how to embrace during a depression.

Eric has an extensive background in the precious metals industry. He speaks about how to invest wisely and profitably by investing in gold, silver, and oil & gas funds with no better commodity and certainty.

You won’t want to miss out on this educational episode and tons of things that you can learn from Eric during these economically challenging times!

In This Episode

  1. Eric’s background and his valuable learning experience.
  2. Eric’s perspective about today’s time and the geopolitical risks.
  3. The importance of investing Gold, Silver, and Oil & Gas.
  4. Portfolio allocations for the current climate.

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