Leveraging Unique Ability Teamwork for Exponential Outcomes

unique ability teamwork

One of the most genuine, positive, and enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet, Shannon loves nothing more than seeing people become better, happier, more successful versions of themselves and facilitating the honest, practical conversations that help them get there.

Since joining Strategic Coach in 1991 as both a team member and participant, Shannon has helped grow the business beyond what founders Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith ever imagined possible, far surpassing the initial goal of reaching 500 clients. She’s the creator of The Strategic Coach.

Shannon showed us how to make a huge difference in our lives by harnessing the power of collaboration. Forget about trying to go it alone – Shannon helps you break free from that ‘I can do better myself’ mentality and level up with teamwork!

She also delivers a reminder that life is about focusing on the things you’re naturally good at and giving it your all. Find what energizes you instead of draining you in order to make work enjoyable! Rewire yourself, know yourself, and watch how many improvements you can make.

In This Episode

  1. Shannon’s story and how she started The Strategic Coach.
  2. Shifting your mind to ‘teamwork’.
  3. Identifying and doubling your strengths.
  4. Shannon’s piece of advice on how to make personal progress.

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