Lessons from Tiger 21: How Measuring Risk In Student Housing Opportunities Leads to Asymmetric Returns

student housing opportunities

Alix has been involved in real estate, construction and development for the last 20 years. He started his career in Colorado founding his own high-end construction company and grew it to be the largest and most successful firm in Southwest Colorado.

Shortly after starting his own building company in 1999, Alix started investing in real estate with single family spec homes, single family rentals, commercial and multifamily rentals. Over the last 15 years, Alix has successfully completed several townhome, mixed-use and single-family developments!

Alix has been an entrepreneur his entire life. He shares the principles of how he’s built and managed multifamily properties, single-family homes as well as commercial buildings for over 20 years now with the goal of growing.

He has broad based experience and knowledge of multiple real estate asset classes and is focused full-time on growing his private equity real estate firm; Ashland Capital. He uncovers the benefits of investing in student housing asset classes and walks through the details of developing success in this opportunity.

Alix concludes by giving out the wisest advice to our listeners by emphasizing the importance of measuring risks. Tune in to this episode and you’ll be sure not to lose any secrets about investing with success!

In This Episode

  1. Kogan’s background and how the real estate journey started for him.
  2. The development of Ashland Capital and where it’s heading today.
  3. The spike, demand and the details of the Student Housing Asset Class.
  4. Alix’s perspective on the current market climate.
  5. Alix’s personal & professional wealth strategy advice.

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