Key Components to Develop A Lasting Legacy

lasting legacy

Ashley Wilson, is the Co-Founder of Bar Down Investments, LLC & HouseItLook, LLC, Co-Host of The Passive Investing Show, Best Selling Author of The Only Woman in the Room, Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors, and a BiggerPockets’ Series Host.

She started investing in real estate in 2009 and has been involved in over $100 million in transactions within both single and multifamily real estate across over 1,500 units. In 2022, Ashley was a ConnectCRE Award Recipient. When Ashley is not working on her businesses, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and their two daughters.

Ashley and her husband are strong proponents of leveraging their investments, which led them to the multifamily housing sector. She wants diversification in her portfolio so that she can benefit from multiple markets regardless of how each individual asset performs. By spreading out across many different options, Ashley is able to maximize returns on investment while minimizing risk.

Ashley believes that investing in the right team and taking a patient approach to building wealth is key for developing lasting legacy. To achieve this, investors need to be aware of market cycles and have alternate sources of income as preparation against any troubles with their main asset class.

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In This Episode

  1. How Ashley’s successful career began.
  2. The components that Ashley follows to building a strong team.
  3. Will there be any risks in 2023 for multifamily investors.
  4. Are there any other ways to have cash flow?
  5. Ashley’s piece of advice to accelerate your wealth trajectory.

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