Inside the Upside With Fourth Generation Oil & Gas Strategy

fourth generation oil gas

As the founder and CEO of King Operating Corporation, Jay Young drives strategy and vision for the Leadership team, with oversight over operations and client relations. An oil man at the core, Jay has been in the oil and gas industry for almost 30 years and his family has been in the business for over 100 years.

‍In addition to his duties at King, Jay hosts the podcast the Jay Young Show,  and is a Forbes Books author of “The Upside of Oil and Gas Investing”, wherein he breaks down the story and strategy behind the King investment model.

From a thousand wrong ways of investing in oil and gas, Jay speaks about his book that guides you to the ultimate way of investing. “The quality of your questions can determine the quality results.” emphasizes Jay; to structure your investment and create wealth the right way.

Jay also speaks about how King Operating is different from any other investment. He shares his perspective on the incredible opportunity for investors to join the second Oil & Gas Fund 2 that will be launched in October, the tax benefits investors should take advantage of, and how they can diversify their commodity and why now is the time to be invested in energy.

Make sure to dive into this episode if you are looking to learn more about our upcoming investment opportunity and the specifics of the oil & gas funds!

In This Episode

  1. How did Jay get into the Oil industry? What did the 30 years encounter?
  2. Jay’s personal wealth strategy.
  3. What do the oil and gas assets consist of?
  4. How is King Operating Fund different?
  5. What are the biggest risks in Oil & Gas investment?
  6. Upcoming OG Fund 2 Highlights
  7. Jay’s advice on how to accelerate your wealth journey.

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