How To Give Yourself The Financial Freedom You Deserve

financial freedom

Billy Keels runs First Generation Capital Partners, is originally from Columbus, Ohio and has an extensive career in the tech industry and currently lives offshore in Spain.

Billy was a successful tech sales executive that was following traditional financial planning advice by investing in his 401k and the stock market.  He did not have the time nor understood that there was a better way to intelligently invest his high income in an alternative approach. Then, through a series of events Billy made a decision to challenge himself to learn everything he could about all things money and investing.

His  mission  was  to  turn  his  high  wages  into  financial freedom. Eight years later, Billy achieved and created a monthly passive income that met all of his expenses. Now, Billy’s mission is to guide you to your own freedom!

When Billy realized that saving was actually investing, his life changed. Not only did he have more financial freedom but also a newfound sense of independence and self-control in all aspects that mattered both personally as well as professionally.

“Cashflow is the bloodstream for the body”, shares Billy and stresses how tax benefits work to keep more revenue for yourself and create financial freedom.

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to hear an amazing episode with Billy Keels, he will walk you through the process of creating your financial freedom in this episode!

In This Episode

  1. Billy’s background and how it all started for him.
  2. Billy’s business today and how it has prospered.
  3. How financial freedom changed Billy’s life.
  4. Billy’s personal wealth strategy.
  5. The biggest risk in investing.

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