How to Create a Real Estate Empire with Over $1billion in Assets

real estate empire

Dan is one of the managing partners with PassiveInvesting.com which is a national passive real estate investing firm based in the Carolinas. He has led his real estate syndication company to acquire 4,200+ units with a portfolio valued over $1 Billion with just over 1,750 investors active in those assets.

Mr. Hanford is also the founder of the Multifamily Investor Nation (#MFIN) where he provides free multifamily education to a nationwide group of over 40,000 members. He also has one of the most popular apartment investing podcasts on iTunes called “Multifamily Investor Nation” where he only interviews active multifamily investors that have closed a deal in the last 12 months.

Dan was on our show today where he opened up about his journey from chiropractic clinics to building a real estate firm with over $1billion in assets! He uncovers the story of how being stuck in a job made him feel like there wasn’t any room for growth, but then again entrepreneurship is all adrenaline.

Dan was not just able to build this empire but also have control over his tax strategy where he emphasizes the importance of depreciation to get him to a tax rate of zero! He has been able to use depreciation, an accounting term for the wear and tear on your assets over time that reduces value in comparison with what they would have been worth.

Dan’s story is one of hard work, dedication and perseverance. His advice on how he achieved success and the lessons learned from his journey is sure to make you want for more!

In This Episode

  1. Intro into Dan’s journey from Chiropractic to Passive Investing
  2. Methodologies Dan uses to track and organize his goals
  3. How to Utilize particular tax strategies
  4. The power of Bonus Depreciation
  5. Dan’s passive investing business, where it is today and how he creates impact
  6. Hanford’s golden advice and lesson for your next wealthy strategy

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