How To Achieve Complete Energy Independence With 30% Tax Benefits

energy independence and tax benefits

Doug Middleton is a technology enthusiast and lifelong learner.  He has spent the last two decades in IT sales, with a focus on customer ROI and success.  He lives in northern Virginia with his amazing wife Jessica of 21 years who has blessed him with three amazing children.

After careful consideration, Doug decided to make a break from the traditional stock market and invest in tangible assets. To take full advantage of his investment opportunities he began looking into different strategies for reducing taxes while simultaneously increasing investable capital.

Among these options was Solar Loans which allowed him to pay less on monthly energy costs than if paying an electric company – all with the added bonus of receiving up to 30% tax credit! With this newfound Energy Independence came significant control over future energy cost as well, making it one worthwhile opportunity not easily overlooked by savvy investors such as Doug!

With an investment in Solar, you can customize a system to suit your needs – emphasizes Doug. You can benefit from 25-year loans with monthly payments and no money down – you will start saving immediately.

Listen now and learn more on how you can truly take advantage of energy independence with complete control over future costs!

In This Episode

  1. How Doug became an investor and an entrepreneur.
  2. What is Solar and how can anyone deploy it?
  3. Energy Independence and how it is supported.
  4. How to go Solar and what it entails.
  5. Doug’s top productivity habits and wealth strategy advice.

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