How the Top 1% Build Their Wealth

build wealth

For over a decade, Sam Prentice has worked exclusively with high net worth entrepreneurs, immersing himself in the world of finance and wealth management. He has a vast and deep knowledge of how to architect wealth strategies for the ultra wealthy.

Today, we had an awesome time talking with Sam about ways to create an alternative wealth strategy like the ultra wealthy.  This is definitely not your average financial advisor approach and you will see why using this approach can exponentially create freedom, security, and abundance in your life.  Sam shares his thoughts on what is not working in today’s financial world and emphasizes how important it is to define what success looks like and to relentlessly  execute that plan.

Sam shares the psychology behind wealth and provides clarity on creating the right mindset about money and explains the importance of having a framework around building and sustaining your wealth.

In This Episode

  1. The core beliefs of financial freedom
  2. How to build real wealth in a practical way
  3. The structural principles of how money works
  4. The problems with a lack of transparency
  5. What is actually happening in the financial world: Understanding & Perception

Don’t miss out on these powerful insights and fuel your financial knowledge with Sam Prentice!

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