How Mindful Investing Can Create Financial Freedom

mindful investing

Today we are joined by, Omar Khan who dives into his journey to entrepreneurship and his success in the real estate industry.

Omar shares his financial plans and goals and how they are focused on creating a lifestyle of freedom. He also points out why he favors real estate development opportunities and how they differ from traditional value add deals.

Omar says, “What is financial freedom? It’s different for everyone, but it usually means having enough money so that you can live your life and purpose without worrying about how much more debt there might be or if today will finally be the day where everything falls apart. And while many people pursue this dream through traditional routes like working hard at a job and saving up some cash before heading out into society to start living large (or even just getting by), others find themselves with unique paths towards self-reliance–whether they’ve chosen minimalist lifestyles or something greater.”

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