Getting To Zero Taxes With Proactive Tax Planning

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Casey Meyeres is a Tax Partner with ProVision serving successful business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors with tax and wealth planning to help achieve their goal of financial freedom.

With over 24 years of experience in public accounting, ranging from tax and audit compliance and consulting for a broad range of public and privately held companies, business owners, and high net worth individuals.

The tax season is coming up and you’re looking for ways to save on taxes? This episode is for you! With Casey’s comprehensive knowledge of different industries, you will be able to find which strategy works best with potential investments in order to lower those pesky bills you receive from Uncle Sam every year.

Casey takes you through the ins and outs of tax strategies to help you save money. He provides detailed information about how depreciation impacts your wealth’s bottom line, as well as what steps are next for those interested in exploring this avenue – tax efficiency!

With the wealth of opportunities available to W2 employees, it’s easy for side hustlers and entrepreneurs alike. As long as you have that entrepreneurial spirit Casey is there with a helping hand! Tune in now and don’t miss out on this amazing episode.

In This Episode

  1. Casey’s background and wealth journey.
  2. Casey’s wealth strategy and how it has worked for him.
  3. Tax strategies for investing in oil & gas.
  4. Bonus depreciation and other advanced tax strategies.
  5. Creating a side hustle as part of your tax strategy.
  6. Casey’s biggest wealth strategy advice for tax efficiency.

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