How to Double Down on Your Strengths and Achieve Excellence

entrepreneurial strengths

Dave’s personal coach joins our podcast today! With his background in manufacturing and chemical engineering, Gary Mottershead believes it’s important for specialists to consider themselves entrepreneurs first. Gary founded GCP Industrial Products and today has become a forward-thinking, digital-first inspired industry leader. He has been a Strategic Coach client for over 30 years and associate coach for over 25!

Gary shares his insights into the world of entrepreneurship, he gives us a message on how we need to focus on our strengths and use them as a key component in seizing opportunities, “When we work on our weaknesses, we will have strong weaknesses”, Gary shares, emphasizing the importance of moving up by achievement.

Later Gary unfolds the concept of 4 Freedoms! He discusses how these 4 key points can take you where you can make a difference as an entrepreneur and achieve excellence that is driven with purpose and passion!

In This Episode

  1. Gary’s journey to entrepreneurship and where it all began.
  2. The format of DOS and its powerful dimensions.
  3. What unique ability is and how you can leverage it.
  4. Gary’s philosophy on a Holistic Wealth Strategy.
  5. The concept of 4 Freedoms.

Join Gary for this episode and find out how your entrepreneurial life can be turned around!

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