Due Diligence Questions Every Passive Investor Should Be Asking

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As a founding partner of Trowbridge Law Group LLP, Gene’s law practice concentrates on the syndication of commercial and investment real estate through both debt and equity. Gene has represented over 650 clients in this area of practice. The median offering size is $3,000,000, but he has done individual offerings of over $6 Billion. His practice writes offerings under Rule 506b and 506(c) of Regulation D.

As a former syndicator, who for ten years raised investor capital through the broker-dealer community, he is able to communicate with his clients on both the technical and the practical aspects of state and federal securities laws. As a long-time CCIM and CCIM Senior Instructor, Gene has won numerous awards for his teaching ability. His book “It’s a Whole New Business!” is really a “how-to manual” on real estate syndication.

In this episode, Gene Trowbridge discusses the importance of pre-existing relationships with syndicators and how it needs to be built on trust and mutual respect. He addresses questions every passive investor should ask themselves to better equip them to make informed decisions.

Gene explains the main difference between a 506b and 506c offering and uncovers what an accreditation status is to prove to the government that you’re not a liability that they need to protect. He also shares how you can use your assets as an accreditation, such as property or tangible assets.

Mr. Trowbridge shares his vast experience and knowledge on syndication, and reveals some fascinating insights that you won’t want to miss!

In This Episode

  1. How Gene got into the real estate space.
  2. Questions every passive investor should ask.
  3. Is the industry shifting more towards 506c offerings?
  4. How and why you need to obtain an accredited investor status.
  5. What is the mission of SCC?

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