Changing The Home Ownership Paradigm

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Derek Lobo is called the “Apartment Guru” because of his decades of speaking, writing, consulting, brokerage transactions, relationships, amortized knowledge, and industry wisdom. He is one of the most connected individuals in the apartment industry, living by his personal motto: always stay in traffic!

As a student of new apartment construction, student housing, and affordable housing, Derek has established a sterling reputation and industry credibility as an expert advisor in these fields. Derek’s keen insight and strategies have allowed him to broker some of the nation’s largest and most complex real estate transactions. He is currently the Broker of Record and CEO of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage.

Derek emphasizes the immense potential of real estate investments, explaining how his personal journey has opened up new opportunities in this ever-changing industry. He urges early adopters to take advantage of their head start – it could be life-altering.

Derek believes that home ownership should be seen as an opportunity for growth and development, not simply a problem. He emphasizes the importance of educating yourself – plus your family members- on potential opportunities in order to reap long-term benefits early on.

Don’t miss your opportunity to make strides in the world of real estate investing with Derek as your guide! Unlock valuable tips and tricks on how you can achieve success today.

In This Episode

  1. Derek’s remarkable success story since childhood.
  2. The power of real estate investing.
  3. Strategies to start early in the industry.
  4. Derek’s piece of advice to multiply your wealth.

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