Creating Big Investments In Strengths & Finding Value In Failures

big investments

Christopher Nelson is an experienced technology executive (2 x IPOs), real estate investor, author, and the Principal and co-founder of Wealthward Capital.  Wealthward Capital is a real estate investment firm with a diverse portfolio of over 3,000 multifamily units, mobile home parks, and ATMs.

Christopher shows technology employees how to achieve financial independence through education and creating passive income portfolios. He is currently editing his book, “From No Dough to IPO”.

In this episode Christopher shares his story of how past mistakes have taught him to implement an accelerating mindset for building wealth and creating value with what he’s learned along the way. “The biggest lessons are always found in our failures” says Christopher, sharing how his journey to financial freedom has been fueled by distilling failures.

Christopher has found the perfect niche in mobile home parks. He shares his knowledge of how these businesses are made for cash flow and he explains how they diversify your income.

Don’t miss this episode to incorporate Nelson’s powerful advice into your daily routine so you can build an extensive income stream!

In This Episode

  1. Christopher’s journey to successful IPOs.
  2. The value found in learning experience and the education of the ultra wealthy.
  3. Asset class and current market of Mobile Home Parks.
  4. Nelson’s personal wealthy strategy and ways he accelerates his wealth journey.

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