Aligning For Success Despite Economic Downturns

economic downturns

Darin Batchelder is a General Partner with vast experience investing in over 1,282 multifamily units across three states – TX, AZ & SC and developing a 200-unit RV park. As a Limited partner, he has investments spanning 35 properties populated by 9105 multifamily units and 100000+ square feet of retail space.

Darin has been a business owner of TZK Capital since 2007. TZK Capital is focused on trading high credit quality performing real estate loan portfolios between banks to include residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate loans.

Darin, an experienced investor, recommends aligning your finances with individuals you recognize and value. He explains how leveraging time & money through tax-efficient investments can grow a successful portfolio. Darin then shared his knowledge on RV parks which offer millennials more affordable homeownership capabilities due to current market restraints while simultaneously providing the opportunity for renters out there looking for something new.

Reflecting back to the trials of Covid, Darin showcases how his cashflow was able to remain positive and keep him afloat during such uncertain times. By viewing this period through rose-tinted glasses he has also identified why multifamily assets are a strong performing investment in any recession – providing an invaluable lifeline for many investors.

This episode with Darin Batchelder is not to be missed – gain expert insight into investing the smart way!

In This Episode

  1. Darin’s journey and how this industry started for him.
  2. Darin’s approach to 2023 with the expectation of a recession
  3. How Multifamily investments are a problem solving business.
  4. Darin’s RV Park assets and how it is performing.
  5. One piece of advice from Darin to expedite wealth.

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