Accelerate the Multiplication of Your Money with Smart Investing

smart investing strategies

We wrapped up another amazing episode with Chad Sutton! Chad is an “old soul” and a genuine “family man”, passionate about building a quality lifestyle and quality communities for residents! He is also one of the five managing partners at Quattro Capital.

In this show, Chad Sutton dives deep and explains how Americans need to invest better and avoid common mistakes. He shares ways to invest smart and accelerate the multiplication of your money, quicker than your perceived safe way!

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He later spills his three secret components to becoming a millionaire and diversifying the income stream. This episode is packed with great information for anyone looking to improve their financial situation.

In This Episode

  1. How Chad transitioned from NASA engineering to real estate
  2. Current investment mistakes that Americans encounter
  3. How to diversify your income stream
  4. Chad’s 3 components of wealth strategy

Chad’s advice is straightforward and actionable. If you’re looking to take control of your finances, this episode is a great place to start!

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