A Winning Strategy To Survive A Recession


Gary Wilson’s purpose in life is to guide you to wealth and income with real estate. He is an investor, realtor, and a coach teaching how to buy freedom from renting, flipping, and wholesaling real estate.

Founded Global Investor Agent, an environment where investors collaborate with agents making high profitable income achievable. He is happy to share with you how to find the money in places where it may be hiding in plain sight.

Gary’s an ace in the game of economics. He swears by firm ratios as a key way to remain financially stable, even during a recession! His golden rule? Don’t owe more than two-thirds of what you own – it pays off when times get tough.

Mr. Wilson believes that the key to success is having a portfolio as diverse and unique as you are. Taking a holistic view, he armed his national team of agents with the knowledge needed to identify small multifamily investment properties that can bolster any investor’s bottom line.

Don’t let this chance to listen in on Gary’s podcast slip away! Tune in now and get a front row seat to hear the amazing wisdom that he has to share.

In This Episode

  1. How Gary got into the real estate space. Keeping ideal ratios during a recession.
  2. Gary’s personal wealth strategy and what his vision is.
  3. How Gary trains his agents and his national team works.
  4. Gary’s piece of advice to accelerate their wealth strategy.

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