Why You Need A Proactive Tax Planner & Tax Strategy

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Ted Lanzaro is a highly recognized and respected Certified Public Accountant, real estate investor and real estate broker. He is the founder of Landmark CPA Group, a boutique CPA firm specializing in accounting and taxation for the real estate industry.

For the past 31 years, he has helped thousands of real estate business owners, entrepreneurs and investors all over the United States implement cutting edge tax strategies that save them thousands of dollars annually on their taxes.

Ted runs the Lanzaro Commercial Investment Group which does investment acquisition and disposition for real estate investors and private equity firms as well as his personal investments and syndications.

Today he shares with us how it is important to put tax strategies in place within the year and safeguard it because planning is where all the tax benefits and wealth comes from!

Listen now to Ted’s incredible discussion and take notes of his top tax strategy secrets!

In This Episode

  1. Ted’s background, and how it started for him.
  2. The structure of Bonus Depreciation.
  3. Top Tax Recommendations and Opportunity Zones.
  4. Ted’s Top 3 Tax Strategies

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