Wealth, Wisdom, and Worth: Lessons from the Forefront of Entrepreneurship

wealth wisdom and worth

Today’s guest is none other than Andrew Reichert, the CEO and Founder of Birgo, a prominent private equity real estate firm based right here in Pittsburgh. With a staggering $312 million in assets under management spanning over 3,400 multifamily units, Andrew is a titan in the real estate investment arena.

His keen entrepreneurial spirit not only drives the success of his business ventures but also extends to his vision for the future of real estate and entrepreneurship. Andrew’s dedication to community involvement serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that success is not only measured by financial achievements but also by the positive impact one can make in the lives of others.

Throughout our conversation, Andrew delves into his entrepreneurial journey, having founded four companies and contributed to numerous startups. We explore Birgo’s strategies for raising capital, purchasing, and effectively managing multifamily residential real estate, shedding light on key market insights and investment strategies.

Additionally, Andrew shares his passion for community involvement and nonprofit work, including his commitment to financial literacy through a nonprofit he founded and his active participation in local charities.

In This Episode

  1. Andrew’s Entrepreneurial journey, his background and leadership

  2. Transitioning to multifamily syndications and his real estate investment strategies

  3. His current market insights and debt underwriting process

  4. Personal insights and advice about the importance of community work and his involvement in non profit organizations

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