Understanding Global Macro Trends to Determine the Best Time to Invest

global macro trends

Lior Gantz is the CEO of Wealth Research Group, self-made millionaire, and expert in implementing business and investment principles. Despite the challenges of growing up with a father who went bankrupt three times before he was 22, Lior is proof that formal education isn’t necessary for success.

Discover the motivational journey of Lior who failed, picked himself up, and persevered, dedicating years to grinding out 84-hour workweeks. Despite his challenges, he meticulously sought guidance from a trove of self-help literature and passionately shared his newfound wisdom with the world.

In this episode, Lior shares his expertise in creating prosperous businesses, combining traditional deep-value investing techniques with contemporary fields like natural resources and blockchain technology. His investment philosophy is a game-changer, and his knowledge is unparalleled.

Lior doesn’t only strategize in making sound investment decisions, he is also an advocate for crucial steps of risk management, balanced asset allocation, and appropriate position sizing. He walks through his research on keeping investors in the loop with the most unique investment perspectives.

Discover Lior’s secrets to building wealth and achieving financial freedom!

In This Episode

  1. Lior’s background and how he started with investing
  2. The current state of the world’s economy
  3. Best sectors for investment opportunities
  4. Expert advice about Federal Reserve and inflation
  5. His investment philosophy and strategizing his asset allocation

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